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I've heard of this 'fashmagslag'. I hear he's very intelligent and cute ;)

Anyway, I wrote this post as a rant, meaning typing first and thinking later. It makes me sound just as snobbish as the type of person I was complaining about, and I don't feel like moving into a dingy tenement slum and quitting my job to become a garbage man. Still, I suppose that there is more to life than parties, shopping, and luxury apartments, which is what frustrated me, thus causing me to write my lil ol rant.

And I don't go to Prada and buy huge amounts often, I'm not about frequent purchases. Maybe 2 sweaters each winter and a pair of shoes- I'm kind of like Tom Ford, who I hate btw, but I'll wear the same thing frequently and not feel embarassed. I'd much rather have a few nice things than tons of crap, though I love H&M and the used store Rags a Go Go, which is great for cool used Levi's cords and ringer tees.

You like D&G? That's cool, even though I stopped caring for them. Differences of opinion are welcome ^_^ I just prefer simple, stark designs like Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Prada Sport (I only like Prada Collection for bags, and that's it), though I am usually seen in t-shirt, jeans, and inexpensive blazer. Gee, I'm so original. And please keep in mind that the word 'prefer' doesn't mean that's all I buy. I simply can't afford it al the time.

In closing, I don't hate money. It doesn't ruin people as it's an inanimate object- rather, it's the LOVE of money that can ruin people. And hell, I like my job and shopping- but, I like to consider myself interesting and there's so much more to life than a pampered NY lifestyle, you know? And to be honest, due to financial problems, there's less garbage pickup, and some grit is returning here. I couldn't be happier- I'm the kind of person who likes my person and apartment to be immaculate, but enjoy dirty streets. As long as neighborhoods change and gentrify, the less moneyed/artisitc people will reinvent themselves, and I lost sight of that in my entry.

I'm not sure if this post if more self depricating, or simply makes me look like an ass, but it's early in the morning and I need more sleep :)


I can totally relate to shopping for "fabulous" clothes and being totally uninspired, and to "Small" shirts hanging down at my knees. There is such a plethora of grunge chic out there, ripped jeans, patched and stitched tees, that it's like sifting through piles of used clothes at Boomerangs; I really have to dig to find something I actually like, that doesn't make me feel like I'm trying too hard, that actually feels like it's "me." Capitalist consumerism is the new religion, and somewhere along the line the greed to be "fabulous" can overtake the need to be real.

Btw, I love mahjong. Wanna play it at that teahouse next time I get to Boston (mid July)?

Miss ya...

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