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Before I go on, I'd like to say, yah I know the fashion industry is about the looks -- I don't expect any deep revolutions to come from this.
I think his image, are closer to today's society rather than some buff dude/image that most of us, may never obtain(sorry guys, but really... are you willing to shrink your cock with steroids to be 300 lbs of muscle? yah, i didn't think so.). Really, if what you're saying is that he (parker) promotes an image of people can't relate to, please, pick up a magazine. Those models are bout 99% smaller than America's population. In regards to his image making people feel over weight, again pick up a magazine, and look around. Most average joe guys, aren't going to look like models. That's what makes models so different. We, ourselves, should take care of ourselves as our responsiblity. Meaning... no matter what shape or size we look like, we should learn to take care of ourselves -- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.
I'm just posting my bit. PS: check his new photos out. Not that skinny anymore thank you.


ok just because he is skinny doesnt make him i think parker (my good friend) looks alot more the typical american boy rather than some buff man with dark hair.
parker does know how to have a good time i have had many good times with him he is just kind of shy at first. once you get to know him he is amazing and so fun to be around. plus he is sweet and you can have a real conversation with him about things that really matter.
i think he is perfect and i wish he would come home because everyone misses him!!!!!!!

<3 jamie

morga gardner

hi its morgan ere i meet parker when he came to england (hayling)this summer to sail he is really hot but i dont think he really now how to have a good time but his friend do lol

James shinn

Hi I am Parker's brother woohoo he goes to SDYC and he sails all the time.


I know Parker from sailing...he is definetly not anorexic...he eats a ton! He just is in good shape and excercises but not too much!


WOW he takes ur breathe away he is soo HOTT oh im like dying here omg he is the sexiest guy EVER!!


I know him... he;s healthy. Just because he doesn't top 160 doesn't mean he's not healthy. And he is the All American guy. World class sailor (may be an olympian soon), great surfer, and religious (I went on a mission trip with him).


The kid looks healthy enough to me. I mean, he's more jacked than I am, and I consider myself healthy. I'm pretty active, hitting the gym three or four times a week, and have plenty of energy. He seems active too, surfing and sailing with Olympic ambitions, so he's gotta have quite a lot of stamina.

I think we've been brainwashed by a decade of A&F marketing (not that I didn't enjoy it), to think that the "typical" American teen is a big muscley jock. If you are anything less than that, you obviously "haven't been eating enough," and if you've got a little extra then you "haven't been getting enough exercise." That marketing worked too well, and gays who could afford to, hit the gym and the protein bars obsessively.

Dove did a marketing campaign in the UK recently, featuring women models who did not fit the stereotype. Some were old, with wrinkles or gray hair, others had on a few extra pounds, etc. But the shots did a good job capturing the beauty of these people in their smiles, the twinkles in the eyes, and they really made you think about what beauty is. They got the point across.

America does have an obesity problem, but all the anorexic marketing in the world won't make a difference because the problem is primarily among low-income civilians living in strip-mall America. These are people who have lost a generation of knowlege about how to cook a real meal, have little available to them apart from the $0.99 burger at the local fast food, the crap produce at the local supermarket, and the bulk bins at Walmart. There are no ways if there are no means.

But getting back to Parker...

When it comes down to it, if I had to pick a role model, I'd take the naturally slim surfer boy with a sexy smile and big dreams over gym bunny A&F beefcake any day, hands down.

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