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Saying it is Dreamy to see a sitting President get killed is just like saying it is Dreamy seeing a fag get killed as well? Hey, I pick you! What a stupid idea!! If it didi happen, you think your so called rights are being violated now. You have no idea how bad it would get if that did happen. Remember who the VP is?

One thing is clear, being an American is an honor, no matter what President of what party is serving at the time. Our country represents what most freedom loving people of this world strive to become. That is a fact(no matter what kind of bullshit someone idiot can dream up). People still to this day are dying to come into the country, no matter if they are from the Mexican border or off the coast of Florida coming from Haiti or Cuba.

I say to those that think this country is so bad that they go find a new address since their life in America is so damn bad.

Since 911, I as a gay man have continued to live my life the same way. And if some Asshole wants to listen to my conversation then have at it. I have nothing to hide. As for the assholes in Gitmo. They could all rot in hell. We live in a country were people fight for life and those that represent Terrorists strive to kill any and all that disagree with their beliefs. Many men and women have sacrificed their lives so we can have what we do have in this country.

Now for those that read this will think that I am a supporter of this government. Well that is not even close to the truth. I served in the Marines for over 10 years and I respect the hell out of the military. But I love this country and even with some issues we have this is the only place I would live hands down.

I suggest that we do pull out of Iraq with one rule. Leave Isreal alone. Then once that has happened we need to make a list of things to do. I suggest;

1. Leave the UN and kick them out. They are useless to the world. And a huge black hole.

2. Find other means of energy in this area of the world and quickly. Take the money that we wanted to spend in Iraq on finding new energy sources. Hell, raise the taxes to get the money if necessary.

3. Enforce our immigration laws. No longer issue Education visas to any country. And remove anyone here that is not seeking to become an American legally.

4. Allow civil unions for gay Americans, that would solve the issue of assets/life insurance going to a partner. We already have the common law marriges in some states that alows someones assets to go to their partner why not create civil unions for partners. And stop the debate about gay marriage.

And there are more but this would be a good start. I love America and I believe in the freedom of speech. But I do not agree with hat speach. If hate is the agenda then there is no place for it no matter who you are or where you come from.

Now think about getting shot? Not exactly a plesant thought?


Dreamy? Come on, as much as we despise the guy and what he stands for, you can't really believe that the DOAP storyline is "dreamy". Let Bush stand for torture and death; let's not lose our own humanity.

Love your site. Keep up the good work!

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